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France Courses


Geography – Kathleen Espinoza

GEOG 330/HONR 385 – Paris: One Arrondissment at a Time

Discover the neighborhoods of Paris and journey to each of Paris’ twenty arrondissements. While there we will explore the landscapes, economy and culture that make each unique. We will use a geographer’s lens to examine locales such as the Latin Quarter, the Champs Elysees, and the Marais and develop an urban map of Paris that identifies not only globally significant landmarks specific to each neighborhood but also considers the local hangouts: theaters, cafes, streetscapes, markets and parks, that are the diverse venues for daily Parisian living.

GEOG 375/HONR 385 – The Politics of Place in Paris

Take a break from American politics to immerse yourself in the politics of France and Paris. Tired of debating issues of immigration, urban change, and economic disparities in the US? Let’s consider what Parisians are talking about! Gentrification, immigration, economies of the European Union, culture wars; all of these issues present important lessons in the unique geography of Paris and France. We will travel to the contested spaces and relevant landmarks of Paris to stage class debates of the contemporary political geography of a rapidly changing, globally significant landscape.

Moving Image Arts/English – Virgile Beddok

MIA 325/HUMN 300/HONR 385 – Intro to Film Production in Paris

While plunged into the vibrant city of Paris, and using its prominent art scene as a backdrop, you will produce and film a short documentary on an aspect of Street Art in Paris. Together as a film crew, we will meet, interview and follow the main figures of the scene, such as graffiti artists, photographers, street performers and other artists to portray the current state of the street art in Paris, its trends, main locations and events. Come be part of the crew, where roles range from producer, to cameraman, director, sound, research manager, lighting person, editor, etc. and you will learn solid basics of filmmaking as we will cover all 3 stages of film production. Pre-production: where you will learn to refine your subject matter, plan and schedule the interviews, and design adequate B-Roll footage. Production: you will coordinate and shoot the interviews and all the footage, while still creatively look for compelling visuals. Post-Production: you will select, edit and shape the acquired footage into a solid narrative, while staying true to your vision for this film. You will also select and edit matching music and other sound elements, and finally bring this project to completion. An artistic endeavor in one of the most artistic cities in the world.

MIA 325/HUMN 300/HONR 385 – A Study of the French New Wave in Paris

Come to the birthplace of cinema to study from within the most influential and revolutionary film movement of the 20th century, the French New Wave. You will be able to study the timeline of the movement, analyze its common cinematic components, explore its main sites and shooting locations, visit French cinema museums, as well as interview with French cinema critiques and film professionals. Last but not least, you will be able to visit several Parisian film schools and meet and share your ideas, interest and opinions with local students!

Nursing & Allied Health Professions – Tricia Templet

NURS 397/HUMN 300 – Health and Sexuality

This course will immerse students in artistic and cultural norms relating to sexuality and gender roles as depicted in pop culture and art in the French culture. This course will also allow students to evaluate sexual health attitudes and beliefs within the French culture to compare and contrast with that of their own culture.

NURS 397/HUMN 300 – European Culture and its Effects on Health

Students will be immersed in French culture to explore dietary, exercise, and health maintenance habits in Paris and nearby regions. Students will have opportunity to interview and/or observe healthcare professionals and tour medical history museums. Students will also explore folk remedies inherent to the culture. Finally, students will have opportunity to compare and contrast French health practices with that of their own culture.

Visual Arts – Stephanie Paine

VIAR 309/HUMN 300/HONR 365 – La Ville Lumiere: Impressions in Paris

Delve into your creative practice during an immersive summer course in Paris. Discover the city’s renowned connection to the arts while visiting its many sites and museums. View master works of art at the Louvre, sketch piles of bones and skulls in the Catacombs, and gain new vantage points at the Eiffel Tower. Make the Parisian streets, cafes, and even the Pere Lachaise Cemetery your studio. This engagement with the city will enhance the student’s understanding of art and art history. Likewise, all students can gain a personal artistic vision through the practice of self-reflection and journaling, collecting found images, and sketching.

VIAR 321/HUMN 300/HONR 365 – Daguerre to Brassai: The Rise of Art Photography

France is home to the invention of one of the most socially integrated mediums today. Learn about the advent of photography, and its processes and aesthetics through this summer course in Paris. Discover the impact of Napolean III’s radical transformation of the city through the images of satirist and bohemian Felix Nadar; learn about the rise of photography through the enterprising ventures of Louis Daguerre; and gain new perspectives through Henri Cartier-Bresson’s passionate depiction of the Parisian streets. Students will learn about the first photographic experiments at the Musee d’Orsay, view the Modernist collection at the Bresson Museum, and tour La Maison Europeenne de la Photographie boasting a collection of twenty thousand artworks centered on contemporary artists. Through discussions and analysis of major works coupled with reading exercises and written responses students will learn about contextualizing and interpreting photographic images.

Mandated for ALL Participants
Humanities 300: French Language & Culture

This course will explore the culture, sites and sounds of Paris. There is no need to list this course as an option because ALL participants will automatically be scheduled to take this course.