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Faculty Application Process

  • Speak with the Department Heads (DHs) and/or Program Directors (PDs) of the courses you wish to propose. You must consult with the Department Heads for all courses and all cross-listings you propose. This includes Humanities and Honors.
  • Complete and submit the online application at Faculty Application
  • Once the Study Abroad Office receives the faculty application, it will be forwarded within 72 hours to the necessary DH(s) and/or PD(s) for approval. The email will include a pdf attachment of the faculty application and a link to an online approval form.
  • Only DH(s)/PD(s) have the authority to approve faculty courses. It is the responsibility of the proposing faculty member to follow-up with the DH(s)/PD(s) so that the approval form is completed and submitted prior to the stated deadline.
  • The Study Abroad Office will provide weekly updates to the faculty for the courses that have been approved. This means that if a faculty member has not received the approval(s), there is a need to follow-up with the DH(s)/PD(s).
  • All submissions WITH THE APPROVALS must be received electronically no later than 4pm, March 6, 2017.
  • The Study Abroad Committee will review all proposals that have been approved by departments and/or programs at their April meeting. Faculty will be notified by the conclusion of the spring semester.

Study Abroad Office
Pat Mouillé, 2-5438, - application inquiries
Gwen Fontenot, 2-6493, - academic inquiries

Humanities Program
Lisa Graley, 2-5456,

Honors Program
Julia Frederick, 2-6700,