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England Courses

Marketing, Hospitality, and Legal Studies – Chase Edwards

BLAW 440 – Beer Law and The Business of Brewing

Explore and enjoy the oldest pubs in England and the newest breweries in Acadiana.
A pre-departure class will be held at Bayou Teche Brewery in Arnaudville where the founders and owners of the brewery will give students a private tour of the facility and answer questions about brewing beer, starting a business, and overcoming obstacles as a small business owner. We'll cover topics like manufacturing liability, zoning and ordinances; then we'll enjoy great local music and food at the brewery's tap room. Once we reach England, our class will explore historic districts and some of the oldest pubs in the world. We'll study how these businesses serve as so much more than just a watering hole. The English pubs serve as cultural, social, and business hubs of the local economy. By engaging in structured learning in a casual environment, students will also hone "soft skills" such as negotiating outside of the office and "sealing the deal" during an interview.
Note: All BLAW classes count as upper division business electives and taking these two classes will put you ONE class away from a BLAW concentration AND they count toward the International Business Concentration!

BLAW 330 – Working Like a European

Students will also focus on the differences in employment benefits and workplace between English/European companies and American companies (i.e. Maternity/Paternity Leave). Activities in England will include tours of fascinating British courtrooms where traditionally robed and wigged Barristers and Solicitors fight for their clients in a scene reminiscent of Downtown Abbey. We will also study the emerging European Union workforce and discuss the ways that Europe is transforming now that any citizen of an EU country has the right to travel, work, and live in any other EU country. Note: All BLAW classes count as upper division business electives and taking these two classes will put you one class away from a BLAW concentration AND they count toward the International Business Concentration!

Music – Wesley Bradford

MUS 413/HONR 365– London and its Symphonies

What city is known for refined elegance and high class? London, of course – and its symphonic history helps tell that tale. Become familiar with musical masterpieces that are dedicated to this great city, and learn how music can depict images and ideas, as well as the basics of how a symphony is put together. Investigate themes by Joseph Haydn, Ralph Vaughan Williams and John Williams to discover some of the ways in which the symphony orchestra captivates our imaginations. Plus, hear live performances of the famous London Symphony Orchestra as you get to know one of the world’s most popular instrumental genres. *No prior music experience is necessary!

MUS 481/HONR 365/HUMN 300 – Vocal Music of Britain

If you like singers and love Britain, this course was made for you! Come learn about Britain’s rich history of vocal music, from Renaissance cathedrals to modern bands. Meet the composer who wrote religious music for four separate monarchs – both Catholic and Protestant. Later, hear the haunting tribute to victims of World War II before experiencing modern British popular music. Any study of British Vocal music must, of course, include some time with the Beatles! Gather up your Union Jack and get ready to discover vocal music throughout British history. *No previous musical experience necessary!

Psychology – Monica Tauzin

PSYC 312/HUMN 300/HONR 385/HONR 485 - Adolescent Psychology

Social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development during adolescence and of behaviors characteristic of adolescents.

SU Abroad Detailed Content Description:  A Cultural Comparison of Teens from the U.S. and in Great Britain. Ever wonder if teens in other countries are different than teens in the U.S.? Are they different health-wise, in their peer relationships, and relationship with the parents? Do they use social media different? Do teens in other developed countries have a different spin on social issues?  Find out the theories of adolescent human development and how similar and different teenagers are in England as compared to your very own upbringing in the United States with the course Adolescent Psychology.  The focus will be on music, literature and culture with experiential opportunities exploring British schools, museums, libraries and other sites related to emerging adulthood in British society as compared to our own experience.

PSYC 405/HUMN 400/HONR 385/HONR 485 -  Issues and Themes in Psychology; TOPIC:  Psychological Interpretations

Want to experience the true meaning of "life begins at the end of your comfort zone"? This England course will be a journey of self-discovery and an understanding of how it is affected by the environment. Different approaches and considerations will be probed to enhance interpersonal skills and coping with the common issues of adult life. The topic of this course will be the adjustment and maladjustment of people as told through the fantastical world of the J. K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series and  Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales". With a modern-day interpretation of these classical pieces of British literature, we will explore specific behaviors of interpersonal skills, motivation, sex and sexuality, frustration and stress, competition, good and evil, work and leisure through the angst-ridden teenagers of J. K. Rowling's series and  Chaucer's tales such as  "The Wife of Bath" and "The Miller's Tale".

Visual Arts – Brian Kelly

VIAR 321/HUMN 300/HONR 365– Monsters and Murder in London

The English have long been fascinated by the monstrous and murder by tales and images of terrible things. In the prints of William Hogarth that attack the socially accepted morals that were flouted by people from all walks of British life, to printmaker William Richard Sickerts keen interest in the crimes of Jack the Ripper, and the Greenacre Broadsides that provided members of the public news about shipwrecks and royal gossip to riots and murders accompanied with a lurid woodcut illustration of the murder or execution, and a simple song that purchasers could sing with friends or family at home or over a drink in a tavern. You’ll discover that in London and its surrounding regions, ghosts are still lingering in the shadows, walking through blood filled alleys and the seedy streets of King's Cross station, to the fogged covered Baker Street and Highgate Cemetery. Students will visit the National Gallery, the Tate Britain, the Tate Modern, the British Museum, the British Library, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Francis Bacon Studio and study prints and drawings first hand that depict and involve violence, mayhem, and depictions of beheadings, martyrdoms, murders and other grim fates, along with a visit Madame Tussauds London, a wax museum for a special study in the portraiture of death and the Tower of London. Additionally, you will have a unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of London’s most famous monster, Jack-the-Ripper! We’ll complement your study with printmaking workshops providing technical understanding of how different types of prints are made, British movies that depict horror, and lectures on artists that we will study while in London during the two weeks we study in Lafayette.

VIAR 309/HUMN 300/HONR 365 – London: Observed, Marked, and Pressed

The English have long been fascinated by many themes including religion and ritual, archaeology, art and civilian, the natural world to tales of the monstrous and murder through tales and images of terrible things. London has been the home and has served as a source of inspiration for artists such as William Blake, William Turner, John Constable, William Horgarth, Francis Bacon, Damien Hurst, among others.  Like London’s’ great artists of the past, students will be guided by their individual interests and artistic medium while examining and using the city of London’s landscape, museums and culture as sources for creative exploration and research. You will visit the Thames River, the London Eye, Big Ben, the Globe Theater, Tower Bridge, Battersea Power station, Westminster Abbey, the Highgate Cemetery, along with world class museums such as the National Gallery, the Tate Britain, the Tate Modern, the British Museum, the British Library, the Royal Academy of Arts, and the Francis Bacon Studio. These locations will serve as sources of inspiration allowing you to develop a greater awareness of the role of drawing as an investigative process in the development of creative work and it’s use as an expressive means of communication. You’ll discover your personal artistic inspiration within this 21st century city filled with pristine landscapes, river walks, architecture, museums, and in the surrounding regions of London where ghosts are still lingering in the shadows, walking through blood filled alleys and the seedy streets of King's Cross station, a fogged covered Baker Street to the free sprits in Highgate Cemetery. We’ll complement your study a series of drawing workshops and drawing sessions to provide a technical understanding of how different types of mediums such as acrylic paint, water color, printmaking, oil pastel, charcoal, conte’, and graphite can be incorporated into a drawing. Additionally, you will participate in structured drawing sessions to help develop ideas related to the work the student intends to make on site in London, as well as watch lectures on artists that we will study while in London.