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Financial Aid Information

  1. Make sure you have completed your 2016-2017 FASFA.

  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with Theresa Cormier. Call 337-482-6223 or email her at


• Make sure you are not on Financial Aid Suspension
• Make sure you are not reaching your maximum hours to complete your degree
• Bachelor’s Degree is 180 registered hours
• Second Bachelors degree or teacher certification is 210 registered hours
• Masters degree is 54 graduate hours
• Doctorate degree is 108 graduate hours

Borrowing Limits (Combinations of Subsidized Loans and Unsubsidized Loans)

Dependent Student    
Freshman - $5500    
Sophomore- $6500    

Independent Student
Freshman -$9500
Junior/Senior -$12,500

Graduate Student -$20,500 (Unsubsidized)

Financial Aid can only process aid up to the cost of the trip. The amounts are based upon what is given to them by the Study Abroad Office. There are some circumstances where Financial Aid is allowed to increase your budget if your airfare is not covered in the trip. It is very important that you meet with Ms. Theresa to discuss your options.