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Modern Languages (Arabic) - Ahmed Bekhet

ARABIC 101/102/201/202/300+

ARABIC 101-202 – The textbook, Arabiyat al Nas, teaches a mixture of formal and colloquial Arabic that can be used across the Arab world.

Advanced Arabic – 300+ - Explores the Arabic language at a more advanced level beyond the introductory books that goes more in depth with culture, history, and literature using various sources. Moroccan dialect class (darijeh) will teach the basics of the unique Moroccan dialect and its connections to Moroccan culture. The language is a unique blend of Arabic, with Berber, Latin, Spanish, and French influences, much like the history of Morocco.

All language courses will advance your language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and cultural understanding in just four weeks. Practice Arabic outside of the classroom with trained tutors who are native speakers. Participate in cultural workshops such as calligraphy, pottery, and cooking. Visit cultural and historical sites such as Chellah (complex of ancient Roman Mauretania Tingitana and medieval ruins), Kasbah of the Oudaya (AD 1150) Hassan Tower (AD 1195), Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Museum Mohammed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art. The course content is everything you see, hear, touch, smell, taste, sense, feel, experience. From the moment we land in Morocco until the moment you board your plane to leave, you will be in the “classroom.” Our course goals are to provide students with an authentic cultural experience and with opportunities to strengthen their cultural understanding and appreciation of the Arab/Moroccan culture. To provide students with opportunities to vastly improve their linguistic proficiency, with the final goal for each course as follows: 101 Novice High, 102 Intermediate Low, 201 Intermediate Low plus, 202 Intermediate Mid and 300 Intermediate High.

Modern Languages (Arabic) - Ramona Mielusel

HUMN 300 - Maghrebi Culture in Context

This course is designed to introduce students to the Arabic culture and the Arab World through a more personalized and focused geographical area: the Maghreb. Throughout this course and while being in Morocco, students would acquire general knowledge and realistic view of the linguistic, geographic, historical, social, cultural, political, and artistic aspects of the Arab world today. In this course, students will participate in local and national excursions, workshops, volunteering, guest speakers' activities, and day to day contact with locals to increase their learning and to raise their awareness about this part of the world.