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What to Bring

Bad Things to Have - What You Should NOT Bring

anything in glass bottles
expensive jewelry or watch
insensible shoes
heavy, bulky clothing
lots of brightly colored or provocative clothing
lots of cash
anything that needs an outlet

What You Should Bring

Paper Supplies:
school supplies (notebook, folder, loose leaf, pens)
phrase book
travel guide (Berkeley’s, Let’s Go, Rough Guide, etc.)
address book

Clothing and accessories:
small umbrella or rain jacket
two “nice” outfits
bathing suit
lightweight bathrobe
sweater/ light jacket
waterproof shoes/boots
safety pins/clothespins
pocket knife (checked)
backpack cover
flip-flops for shower

Personal hygiene and medicine:
prescription medicine and copy of prescription
cold medicine, pain reliever, Pepto, Immodium
band-aids (for blisters) tampons, toothbrush, travel size toiletries
contact lens solution, extra contacts, glasses
Kleenex packets

Cleaning Supplies:
wet wipes
Shout wipes
dryer sheets for suitcase

travel alarm clock w/ batteries
MP3 player, IPhone
locks for backpack
outlet adapters (except for Costa Rica)
copies of credit/debit cards and passport
beach towel
coin purse
portable phone charger
waterproof phone case (Costa Rica)

What You Should Buy in Europe

soap/shower gel
shaving cream
misc. toiletries (cotton balls, q-tips, etc.)
water bottle, cups/glasses, utensils
hair dryer
phone cards