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Payment Policies & Deadlines

Payment Policies

  • Be advised that your place in the program will not be reserved until a copy of your paid $500 deposit slip is submitted to the Study Abroad Office. After you have applied on the UL Study Abroad Moodle page, you must make a deposit of $500 to the Student Cashier Center in the Student Union, Room 135. You must then submit the deposit slip to the Study Abroad Office in the Student Union, Room 136, or upload it to the Study Abroad Moodle Page. It is your responsibility to notify the Study Abroad Office of your deposit payment. Failure to do so will result in you not being a participant of the program.
  • After submitting your application and deposit slip, you will receive a phone call from the Study Abroad Office confirming the receipt of your application and deposit slip.
  • If the application is submitted and the $500 deposit is paid after December 15, you will be charged a $100 late fee. Both application and paid deposit slip must be submitted prior to December 15th in order to avoid the late fee.
  • Installment payments in the amount of 1/3 of your remaining balance will be due February 25th, March 25th, and April 25th. The balance of all costs is due by April 25, excluding Costa Rica, which is due March 1st. For those waiting on summer loans from the UL Financial Aid Office, eligibility verification is required in order to participate. If you are waiting on an off campus loan, you must follow the installment payments stated above.
  • The Study Abroad Office will work with students who wish to pay program costs with loans from the UL Financial Aid Office. However, understand neither office can guarantee that spending cash will be available while abroad when taking out a summer loan.
  • All deposits and installment payments must be submitted to the Student Cashier’s Office, Student Union, Room 135, P.O. Box 44444, Lafayette, LA 70504, (337) 482-6385. The Study Abroad Office does not accept any payments. Checks should be made out to UL Lafayette with your ULID and program location in the memo area.
  • The Student Cashier's Office will only accept checks, cash or money orders for Study Abroad payments. Credit card payments are not accepted.
  • The costs are charged to your student account. Any outstanding debt from charges and/or damages will result in a hold being placed on your student account and/or disciplinary action from the Dean of Students Office.
  • In the event of an unexpected change in currency exchange rates, and prior to May 1, an exchange rate surcharge may be necessary.

Refund Policy

This special program does not operate under the standard UL Lafayette refund policy.

No deposit refunds will be granted after January 15th. 

Withdrawal/ineligibility penalty fees are:

  • 10 weeks prior to departure-minimum of 50% of program fee
  • 8 weeks prior to departure-minimum of 75% of program fee
  • 6 weeks prior to departure-100% of program fee
  • No refunds for Costa Rica after March 1.